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 There is a special part of a mama's heart that breaks when her baby is in pain and she feels so FRUSTRATED not knowing what else to do.  This was me.  We were also STRUGGLING financially but being home with my children is super important to me!   


Empowered with Solutions

When I was introduced to doTERRA by my sister in January 2014 I discovered it held multiple solutions for my family.  I was EMPOWERED with essential oils that brought so much relief to health challenges we struggled with.  I also found it had huge financial benefits as well.  Now I have the opportunity to share these essential oils I love so much and help other families financially as well.  It allows me to MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE in peoples lives and I have made the dearest of friends in the process. 


My Passion

 In July 2015 we moved from Idaho to South Carolina where I had my fifth baby with a midwife at home. What an AMAZING experience that was!  I realized my true love and passion: pregnancy, birth, babies and breastfeeding.  

I am a DOULA-in-training through Birth Arts International and an aspiring midwife.  I offer services locally and I’m also a virtual doula for those who don’t live nearby.  I’m EXCITED TO GET TO KNOW YOU better and serve you in whatever way you desire: as your birth doula, virtual doula, with essential oils, or with the doTERRA business opportunity. Let's chat!

(((Hugs))) Julie 

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