Our bodies are amazing and capable of far more than we realize.  Birth and new motherhood can be intense, yet so rewarding in confidence-building as we reflect on what we have accomplished.  We emerge as empowered women, more aware of our abilities.  We are constantly amazed at women and their remarkable resilience through the whole birth and new motherhood transformation.  We’re honored to be able to assist you in making sure your individual postpartum experience is everything you hope and dream it will be.

After your baby is born life is blissful. At least, that’s what it looks like on Instagram. If you have low energy, emotional mood swings, sore boobs, and your stomach feels like mashed potatoes then you’re in the right place!! Oh, and you’re normal.


But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.  Don’t worry though. We are here to help. We’ve been there, done that. We’re trained and certified. Our new postpartum program is upbeat, positive, and made with love. It will bring a deeper meaning and understanding to all you’re going through.

As postpartum mama’s it’s easy to see every negative flaw in our bodies, but take a moment to express appreciation to your body for the journey it just went through. Your organs moved, shifted, and squished to accommodate your growing baby. Your diaphragm (breathing muscle) got pushed up. Your ribcage spread to make room for your baby. Your pelvic floor had to handle a large increase in pressure. Your back muscles had to overcompensate to make up for your lengthened abdominals and to support that ever growing baby belly in the front. Your posture changed as your bump continually shifted your center of gravity throughout pregnancy . . . and it changed again when your baby arrived and you spent much of your day hunched forward feeding, changing, and caring for that precious new bundle. Your body has worked non-stop for the last three quarters of the year. Take a moment to thank it for the never ending support it has given you on your motherhood journey.


Your body has been adjusting and stretching to accommodate your baby for 9 months now—it will take more than a few weeks to recover. Complete postpartum recovery can take up to a year or sometimes even longer, but you can make significant progress in the first few months of recovery to help build a strong foundation for a smooth complete recovery down the road.

We have much to help you on your motherhood journey, but for now we’re sharing with you our Postpartum Foundations Program–Core Reconnect. Kimberly is a mother of three, Certified Personal Trainer, Pre- & Postnatal Coach, and a Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist. She takes you step by step on the path to reconnect your core & pelvic floor with breathing techniques, posture awareness, stretches, and exercises right for you no matter if you gave birth yesterday or 2 years ago.

Postpartum Foundations Program

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We are excited to share some tools, tips, tricks, and exercises that can aid in your postpartum recovery. Invest in your body today and begin to re-establish connection between your breathing pattern, core, and pelvic floor.