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Doula Julie

My love of motherhood and babies began as a little girl. I watched my mom have my brothers and sisters at home and wanted to be just like her. I “breastfed” my baby doll and couldn’t wait for the day I became a mom.

I married my husband after high school in 2003 and we had our first son right after I turned 20. I went into the hospital delivery full of fear and as such it was long, difficult, and painful. My mom was my doula and my lifesaver.

Prior to having my second son I had a heartbreaking miscarriage. With my second birth I went “overdue” again and I faced a lot of anxiety due to the difficult circumstances of my first birth.

My second was completely different however. I went to a certified nurse midwife and gave birth shortly after arriving at the hospital.

Next, we were blessed with a daughter. After going two weeks “overdue” my family practitioner couldn’t allow me to continue. I was induced with Pitocin which brought contractions hard and fast. It was a short but very difficult labor. I drew strength from Joshua 1:9.

Our second daughter surprised us by coming early. My water broke at a Halloween carnival. Her labor and birth was pretty straightforward at the hospital with the same family physician.

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In 2015 we moved from Idaho to South Carolina. My husband had served a church mission in the Charlotte area in 2000 and we felt God calling us to the South. It was an adjustment for sure but we love it here. We also knew we needed to have one more baby and that the timing was right.

In an unfamiliar area I reached out for guidance on a good OB/GYN and discovered a midwife was available. Finally I was able to get the home birth I’d always wanted. Damaris was fantastic and helped me with nutrition and so many other things that a doctor at the hospital had never cared to ask about or help with. I again went “overdue” and he was a big baby. Despite his nearly 10lbs and a difficult delivery it was wonderful to be at home and Damaris knew just how to help me.

With our family complete I felt a loss of purpose and sadness that birth for me had come to a close until I realized it didn't have to end. I could help others have an incredible birth experience at home like I had. I decided to become a midwife and began by becoming a birth doula.

In early 2021 I completed my doula certification with Birth Arts International. I use my firsthand knowledge, experience, and training to give you the best doula care. I was introduced to essential oils in 2014, and every day since then has been a family journey to more natural patterns of health and wellness. I became an essential oil specialist and my clients and I frequently benefit from these natural gifts of the earth.

In 2023 I became a student midwife and the more I learn the more I am amazed at the complexity and wonder of life and birth. My calling as a champion for childbirth is the best thing ever as I get to be a witness to miracles. Each one is a precious gift from God. Not only do I get to see babies take their first breath but I also get to watch the transformation that takes place in you as you realize just how powerful and strong you really are.

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